How To Write A Cover Letter In An Attractive Way?


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Attaching a cover letter to your CV is a one-page document that serves the purpose of introducing you to a firm that is accepting applications.

Online job advertisements may also refer to it as a cover letter, motivating letter, or letter of inspiration. These are all names for the same thing.

When you write a cover letter, you can describe your previous job experience, abilities, and professional accomplishments.

To do this, you will first construct a header and then compose a few paragraphs between 250 and 400 words.
We will discuss how to compose each element of the cover letter adequately. Before we get into that, however, you need to clearly understand why you want a letter of motivation in the first place.

What exactly is the function of a cover letter?

Cover Letter

The fact that there are many different kinds of cover letters is an essential point to remember. Not only that, but each is unique regarding the use cases it serves and the recruiters’ expectations.

Nevertheless, despite the differences, the primary objective of a cover letter is defined as follows:

Utilize the information you have presented in your CV to impress the people reviewing your cover letter.

This approach allows you to anticipate any questions that may remain unanswered, demonstrate why you are interested in the role, and explain why the employer should hire you.

Motivational letters are also a wonderful way to demonstrate your individuality through the subjects you discuss and your tone of voice in your writing.

Recruiters believe cover letters to be a vital component in determining whether or not an applicant is compatible with the culture and values of the organization.

Now, here is a reality that a lot of people who are looking for work tend to ignore:

For a cover letter to be unique and engaging, it must provide something that has not been done before. If this does not occur, the recruiter will be wasting significant time.

In what ways can you make your cover letter more interesting?

The most impressive cover letters that we have seen over the years do not emphasize the achievements that the applicant has achieved. On the other hand, you have devoted the whole of your CV to promoting your professional accomplishments.

A cover letter that is successful in securing a job, on the other hand, concentrates on future goals and how you will contribute to the success of the firm after you have been hired.

Guidelines on the format of a cover letter

You must understand how to structure a cover letter before we go further into more practical specifics.

We will also provide an example of a cover letter format to give you a clearer idea of what you should strive to achieve.

Every single cover letter that is written for a professional purpose must be one page long and include the following sections:

  • Forehead
  • Good morning!
  • Beginning of the letter (the first phrase)
    (Examples of abilities and certifications) the body of evidence
  • A rallying cry for action

The end of

The style of the cover letter page also assures that the reader will have a pleasant experience. To ensure that your cover letter is flawless, here are some experts’ suggestions:

  • Arial, Times New Roman, or Lato are examples of fonts considered professional and authorized by HR.
  • Ensure that the page has a margin of one inch around it.
  • Include a significant amount of white space around the various components of your cover letter to make it more appealing.
  • Your final version should be saved in PDF format.
    Make sure to include your entire name in the filename of your document so that it is easy to remember (for example, John Smith Cover Letter.pdf).

Cover Letter

Do you want to gain further knowledge?

If you are interested in cover letter forms, check out our entire guide.

Header for the Cover Letter

It would be best to begin by adding the header to the page, which is the cover letter. To attract the recruiter’s attention and make it simple for them to contact you after they have decided to employ you, it is placed at the very top of the page.

What exactly should be included in the header of a cover letter?

Because it is mostly comparable to the heading of your resume, it needs to include the following contact information:

Complete name

If you want to put your whole name in a bigger font or bold, it will attract more attention than it would otherwise. In addition, if you want your name to be more noticeable, you may uppercase it or write it in full capital letters.

Title of the Job

Immediately behind your complete name is where you will see the job title, and it must be very relevant to the position you seek. To create a more effective hierarchy, you may do this by using a different hue.

Email address

Always use professional email address forms and services like Gmail and Outlook when communicating over email. Because of this, your application will be more noticeable in the recruiter’s inbox, and it will be easier for them to remember you afterward.

Here are some examples of email addresses that are considered to be professional:,
email address: [email protected],
email address: [email protected]
email address: [email protected]

The headhunter may choose to contact you at any time to schedule an interview. Consequently, be sure to provide a home or mobile phone number that you can readily contact during the hours when you are at work.

Additional information that should be included in your cover letter

The following are some personal elements that you may include in your cover letter in addition to the information that you have previously supplied to make it more interesting:


Because recruiting organizations no longer ask you to provide your address or particular location, you do not need to submit either of those details in your application. Alternatively, you may give your physical address in the “City, State” format.

The profiles on social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn

Hiring managers will be able to better understand who you are and what you can do as a result of this. The essential thing is that establishing a social media presence is the ideal technique to demonstrate your personality and discuss your interests with the person who is hiring employees.

Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date with the appropriate information and that you include a professional picture to make it more attractive before submitting your LinkedIn link.

Web site or portfolio

Do you have a personal website or a portfolio of your previous work that you would like to share with the person in charge of hiring? Include it in the “header” of your cover letter!

By taking advantage of this circumstance, you can emphasize your technical talents and offer real evidence of your successes.

To provide you with a better understanding of cover letter headers, let’s have a look at some examples:

1. It perfectly illustrates how the conventional cover letter header template should be followed. For the recruiter’s convenience, it presents the contact information in a simple, simple hierarchy.

Nevertheless, in addition to that, it provides contact information that is limited to the necessities, which are as follows:

A phone number and an email address that are professional.

2. This example has all of the necessary contact information discussed in the previous example. The fact that it offers a direct connection to the candidate’s LinkedIn profile, on the other hand, takes things to an all-new level.

3. It’s Ideal for any employment area in which providing a link to a portfolio is of essential importance. In addition to the job title, which should represent the applicant’s level of experience and seniority, the portfolio will assist the candidate in making an impression.


A cover letter is a very important part of a job application or even in academic admissions. If you miss providing it in written format, then the chances of selection become less.

Follow this provided guide and create according to the profession or company you are writing for, and we assure you that after this, you can get selected.

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